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Friends of Friends


Hunger in Otter Tail County

Contributions to Friends of Friends Fighting Hunger make a substantial impact on the ever increasing number of Otter Tail county residents who struggle with hunger. Currently in Otter Tail County there are 5,490 children and individuals struggling with food insecurity.

Over the past 10 years your compassion and generosity has allowed Friends of Friends to fund $22,408 for mobile food drops in the County, $374,491 for the Children’s Weekend Feeding Back Pack Program in the eight school districts and $317,323 for the seven food shelves in Otter Tail County and the Wadena food shelf. Working in partnership with United Way of Otter Tail & Wadena Counties allows us to use 100% of our proceeds to support these projects.

Click here to view a brochure on the 10th Annual Friends of Friends Fighting Hunger Event.

Children’s Weekend Feeding Backpack Program

Hunger impairs our children’s health in significant and long-lasting ways:

  • Children who struggle with hunger are sick more often, recover more slowly, and are more likely to be hospitalized, at an average cost of $12,000 per pediatric stay.
  • They are more likely to experience headaches, stomachaches, colds, ear infections and fatigue.
  • Children who face hunger are more susceptible to obesity and its harmful health consequences as children and as adults.  

 Hunger impedes our children’s ability to learn and perform academically.

  • Undernourished children cannot learn as much, as fast or as well.
  • Lack of enough nutritious food impairs a child’s ability to concentrate and perform well in school.
  • Children who don’t get enough nutritious food are more susceptible to the negative effects of skipping breakfast, thereby impeding their ability to think and learn throughout the day. 

Hunger predisposes our children to emotional and behavioral difficulties.

  • Children who regularly do not get enough nutritious food have more behavioral, emotional and academic problems and tend to be more aggressive and anxious.
  • Teens that regularly do not get enough to eat are more likely to be suspended from school and have difficulty getting along with other kids.


$170 - Will fill a backpack with food for one child every weekend for the full school year.

$500 - Makes you an Otter Tail County Food Shelf sponsor.

$1,720 - Will fill ten backpacks with food for 10 children for the full school year.

$5,000 - Otter Tail County Food Shelf Partner status